A Hub for All Things Agave Spirits Is Coming to National City


A brand dedicated to spotlighting traditional mezcal producers in and around Oaxaca is expanding to the South Bay. An extension of Tahona in Old Town and Tahona Baja, Tahona Mercado is opening at National City’s mixed-use Parco complex in February. This is the third location for the boutique, which also has branches in San Francisco and Tijuana.

Operated by Be Saha Hospitality Group, whose founder Amar Harrag has developed a variety of bars and restaurants including Wormwood, Botanica, and Oculto 477, the 500-square-foot retail store is designed to resemble a living room with its collection of mezcal and other agave spirits, as well as other Mexican crafts and snacks, on display. It will also feature a tasting area where guests can sample from lesser-seen bottles and attend educational events.


Fuente: https://sandiego.eater.com


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