Wormwood Opening Doors Soon in University Heights


From Amar Harrag, who brought us Tahona Bar in Old Town, Wormwood is coming soon to the University Heights/Normal Heights border. Dubbed French Haute Cuisine, the restaurant is taking over the space previously housed by Jayne’s Gastropub.

Led by Chef Janina Garay, and along with Chef Daniel Romero, Wormwood promises a full gastronomic experience with progressive French dishes with a Baja twist. Set in a close-knit neighborhood on 30th just below Adams Avenue, the restaurant design is reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland meets luxurious French bistro.

Matching their magical theme, a Absinthe-forward cocktail menu will highlight their creative menu. Wormwood is the ingredient which gives Absinthe its lovely green color but won’t give you hallucinations, as its reputation suggests. The new restaurant will pay homage to the history and mysticism surrounding the drink while educating guests and bringing the liquor into the present day. Guests can partake in absinthe served from slow-drip fountains with a sugar cube, plus classic absinthe cocktails like the Sazerac.


Fuente: https://whatnowsandiego.com/wormwood-opening-doors-soon-in-normal-heights/